The Challenge

Like many organizations, the COVID-19 pandemic forced ACCES Employment to pivot from in-person workshops to virtual workshops and eLearning. ACCES was converting its Working with Others program to an online format and asked us to develop an eLearning module to complement the virtual workshop.

How does ACCES engage job-seekers in self-assessment and reflection in a virtual environment?

Taking an inventory of your skills and critically assessing your strengths and areas of growth are essential for success in any job search. Unless you know what you offer and what makes you stand out from other candidates, it can be difficult to present yourself effectively to employers and pinpoint the career opportunities that are right for you.

Using the guided self-assessment tool created by eLearnza, ACCES clients are now able to quickly, accurately, and independently identify their unique interpersonal strengths and areas where they can continue to grow when working with others. Equipped with these insights, job seekers can arrive in live sessions with a deeper understanding of themselves and their goals and maximize their one-on-one time with program facilitators.


Self-Evaluation Questions

8 weeks

Development Time



The Process

Using existing outline and content—and consulting with workshop facilitators—we created an interactive eLearning module that prepares learners for the workshop.

To boost participant engagement and learning, we used a flipped classroom approach where learners explore core concepts before discussing them in the workshop. ACCES Employment will use the eLearning module as a prerequisite for both in-person and virtual workshops.

  • Project consultation with ACCES Employment key stakeholders.

  • Template Design and brand guideline implementation.

  • Review of the ACCES Learning Management (LMS) environment and testing samples prior to development of final modules.

  • Content research and creation/writing.

  • Assistance with the deployment of the course through the LMS.

4Forward/eLearnza Partnership

eLearnza partners with 4Forward on projects where the content of the project has yet to be developed/written or requires additional researched and writing.

4Forward’s team of instructional designers can take any subject matter and turn it into an engaging experience. They recommend treatment of content and provide feedback on the execution as the eLearnza team builds the final eLearning modules.

ACCES Employment - eLearning case study screenshot

The Outcome

After an engaging and interactive eLearning module, participants come to the Working with Others workshop with a solid understanding of basic concepts and themes. This improves the flow and interactivity of the workshop, which ultimately makes it more effective.

Prior to returning to the in-person workshop, the participant would respond to the 3 categories of 10 questions and generate/print a report on their responses. They would use their responses to reflect on:

  • Working Independently

  • Working on a Team

  • Working as a Leader

The course was launched in 2021 through the ACCES Employment LMS for job-seekers.

In-person discussion of the project can be done upon request.

ACCES Employment - eLearning case study screenshot

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