The Challenge

When Algonquin College was looking to convert its in-class Speculative Fiction course to an eLearning experience, they turned to eLearnza and their partner 4Forward. The College team had a curriculum and a vision, but wasn’t sure how to execute it. They agreed that the online course should be as engaging as the popular in-class version and that it should cover the same instructional content set out in the curriculum.

4Forward/eLearnza Partnership

eLearnza partners with 4Forward on projects where the content of the project has yet to be developed/written or requires additional researched and writing.

4Forward’s team of instructional designers can take any subject matter and turn it into an engaging experience. They recommend treatment of content and provide feedback on the execution as the eLearnza team builds the final eLearning modules.


Learning Modules

6 weeks

Development Time



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The Process

We met with the Algonquin College team to discuss their curriculum and vision for the course. In partnership with 4Forward, their instructional designer pored through the instructor’s notes to develop compelling content and learning aids.

We created a user-friendly design that’s easy to navigate and features creative imagery from the horror, science fiction and fantasy genres that make up speculative fiction.

Once the instructional content and design were complete and approved, we supported integration of the course into the College’s Learning Management System (LMS).

The full process included:

  • Project consultation with the Algonquin College team.

  • Review of the Algonquin Learning Management (LMS) environment and testing samples prior to development of final modules.

  • Course visual design and content layout.

  • Assistance with the deployment of the course through the LMS.

Algonquin College - eLearning Case Study screenshot

The Result

A compelling eLearning course that introduces students to the sub-genres that make up speculative fiction and teaches them important critical analysis skills along the way.

Included in the development were learning aids to support students like “How to Ace this Course”, which gives students a clear map to earning an A.

The College was thrilled with the final result because it kept the spirit of the in-class version intact while leveraging the advantages of eLearning.

The course was launched in 2015 as part of the Algonquin online classroom curriculum.

In-person review of the course can be done upon request.

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