The Project

Burger King has been at the forefront of providing online learning opportunities to management and staff. Recognizing the importance of staff understanding the operating procedures for it’s kitchen equipment, Burger King approached eLearnza to help them create an eLearning application to provide information about the different broilers used to cook their signature sandwich menu.

eLearning creates a unique opportunity to educate new staff members before they ever enter the Burger King kitchen environment.

The need to educate new and existing staff members is an ongoing challenge for Burger King – the broilers continually are upgraded and having a large enough training force to provide in-person training is difficult.

Too many

Burgers eaten during development

12 weeks

Development Time



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The Experience

This is where the fun began! In an effort to understand the process we consulted with subject matter experts to document each step of the effort to cook a Burger King sandwich. With two different broiler types deployed through the Burger King landscape, it was important to understand how each worked.

Once the storyboard and script were in place and the photographs were shot, we assembled the project together for accuracy and evaluation. Upon approval of the script and after testing, the audio narration was completed and added to the project to provide a finishing touch.

The project included:

  • Project consultation with subject matter experts.

  • Template design and brand guideline review.

  • Storyboarding, scriptwriting and staging of the project for review.

  • Accessibility testing and quality assurance.

  • Project deployment and support.

We now fully understand the time and effort that goes into each delicious sandwich.

Burger King - eLearning case study screenshot

The Result

Every project is unique. Creating an eLearning experience about the Burger King broiler not only was interesting but caused us to visit the restaurant on many occasions to sample the menu.  Understanding what happens in the kitchen made the experience even better!

In the end, the output of the eLearning course was uploaded into their Learning Management System. Using SCORM 1.2, the ability review, track and evaluate staff progress provides them with insight on restaurants across North America.

In-person discussion and review of this module can be done upon request.

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