The Canoe Trading Project

What do you do when a pandemic hits just as you’re about to build a Canadian business serving the European and Asia markets? Easy. You go online of course. In spring 2020, just as the pandemic was closing down business around the world, Canoe Trading didn’t let that stop them from getting started.

Needing not only a website, but a membership option AND a catalogue of merchandise that is easily browsed, was viewed as a big challenge for Canoe Trading.

eLearnza was more than up to the task. Excited to be able to work on a project that had some great Canadian brands as it’s driving members, eLearnza set to work building a website that addressed the primary requirements of catalogue and membership.



Creating a simple system to launch new products quickly.


Weeks of Production

The website was designed, tested and launched in 2 months.


International Markets

Launched in multiple international markets and locales.

“We had no idea where to even begin. However after one phone call with eLearnza, we knew that they fully understood the increasing challenges we would face and how to properly address them.”

Bill Coleman

CEO & Chief Paddler
Canoe Trading Co.

Bill Coleman - Chief Paddler - Canoe Trading

The Canoe Trading Experience

Canoe Trading provided eLearnza with a crash course in how exporting to international markets works. With Asian markets being especially tech-savvy, it was important that the website provided potential customers with all the information they would need to make a buying decision.

The design phase began with a website interface that focused on simplicity and delivery of product content to prospective customers and current members. The ability to provide members with a uniformly professional image was key – potential customers make quick decisions and the image of a company heavily weighs in the buying decision.

The interface design included (desktop, mobile and tablet) versions of the home page, content page designs and global containers. eLearnza then deployed a copy of WordPress to be the content management system for the website and began the work of applying the new interface upon approval.

As with all eLearnza projects, Canoe Trading was an active participant during the process, providing feedback and information that eLearnza used to finalize the look and feel of the website. While the templates were going through the review process, eLearnza then provided Canoe Trading with advice and guidance on the setup of their membership categories. In addition, content and messaging was being developed to compliment the companies and products available through the website.

The product catalogue was built using a WooCommerce integration into the WordPress setup. This provided the ability to create a searchable and filterable database of products and companies, allowing for quick access to relevant information.

The process for the design and development stage included:

  • Project consultations with the Canoe Trading team.

  • Design of a series of website templates for the project.

  • Deployment and setup of a content management system to manage the website.

  • Integration and setup of WooCommerce catalogue.

  • Content design and layout of information pages.

  • Mobile and tablet compatibility testing.

  • Content development and design.

  • Multilingual setup for additional future language versions of the website.

Canoe Trading website home page screenshot

The Canoe Trading Result

Bringing great Canadian products to regions all over the world was an exciting challenge! The ability to sample the products was an incredible side benefit too.

The new website was released within 6 weeks of the initial consultation session.

The Canoe website was launched to trade commissioners in the primary regions to begin. Building an audience through 3rd party websites like AliBaba and SaladPlate, with backlinks to the website builds an even bigger audience for the members of Canoe Trading.

In conjunction with the final website launch, eLearnza also designed additional marketing materials including PowerPoint pitch decks that are a shareable item and are used during video calls during the later days of the pandemic.

Canoe Trading has opted into the eLearnza maintenance plan which will ensure that the content management system and the website always remain updated and secure.

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