The OMHRA Project

The Ontario Municipal Human Resource Association (OMHRA) approached eLearnza when they were looking to set a new tone for their online presence.

When looking to hire a website provider they wanted more than just a supplier – they wanted someone who becomes a reliable partner to support their needs.

We pride ourselves on just being more than just a passive voice for our clients. Our experience with associations and the challenges they face on a daily basis allows us to make suggestions and recommendations based on real world scenarios.



Providing quick and timely updates even when requested last-minute.


Weeks of Production

The website was designed, tested and launched in 2 months.


Membership Integration

Integrating Member365 modules into the OMHRA website.

“The ongoing knowledge and support that eLearnza provides allows us to know our website needs are always taken care of.”

Michelle Mackenzie

Executive Director
Ontario Municipal Human Resources Association

Michelle Mackenzie - Executive Director - OMHRA

The OMHRA Experience

OMHRA provided eLearnza with a wishlist during the initial consulation session and discussed how their association operates. Armed with the knowledge needed to begin the design phase, eLearnza built a revised website interface that focused on simplicity and delivery of content to prospective and current members. The design included (desktop, mobile and tablet) versions of the home page, content page designs and global containers.

eLearnza then deployed a copy of WordPress to be the content management system for the website and began the work of applying the new interface upon approval.

OMHRA was an active participant during the process, providing feedback and information that eLearnza used to finalize the look and feel of the website. Once the templates were approved by the OMHRA Board of Directors, eLearnza immediately began the process of transferring the content and images to the new website location.

The process for the design and development stage included:

  • Project consultations with the OMHRA team.

  • Design of a series of website templates for the project.

  • Deployment and setup of a content management system to manage the website.

  • Content design and layout of information pages.

  • Mobile and tablet compatibility testing.

  • Current and new content transfer.

Ontario Municipal Human Resource Association (OMHRA) website home page screenshot

The OMHRA Result

When we take on a project it becomes part of our DNA – a lasting legacy that we can be proud of. The OMHRA website provided us with a great opportunity to build an information driven website that doesn’t feel overwhelming to visit.

Focusing on breaking the content into digestible chunks and using screen transitions, we were able to bring the content alive.

The new website was released in early summer 2021.

OMHRA has opted into the eLearnza maintenance plan which will ensure that the content management system and the website always remain updated and secure.

With great design, even large amounts of content can be presented in an interactive and exciting manner!

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