The Project Heroes Plan

Project Heroes is a non-profit exhibition celebrating the lives of the Canadian soldiers who died in Afghanistan. The exhibition gives insight to the many lives touched by war; the soldiers, their families, the wounded in body and spirit, and the Afghan people. The human aspect of this war is presented in context with Canada’s role in the global conflicts and peacekeeping of the past 100 years leading up to the war in Afghanistan. This exhibition was done in cooperation with the soldiers’ families.

The project co-ordinators needed a website that would provide background to support the portrait exhibitions and background on why Project Heroes was initiated .

They hoped to not only give context to the project, but looked to provide a searchable database of soldier profiles, commemorating their service to our country and remembering their lives.


Soldier Profiles

Including biographies, photos and project portraits.


Months of Production

The website was completed in just over 2 months time.



The project has been online for more than 10 years.

“We were so happy to have the expertise of eLearnza but we were especially happy to have their passion for the project. That makes all the difference in the world.”

Cindy Revell - Project Heroes
Cindy Revell

Project Heroes Fine Artist and Illustrator

The Project Heroes Experience

Cindy Revell contacted eLearnza with the idea to build the website and upon hearing the idea, eLearnza was enthusiastic about getting involved. With the beautiful portraits already in their finals stages or having been completed, eLearnza was able to conceptualize a plan to get the project completed. This included:

  • Project consultations with the Project Heroes team.

  • Design of a series of website templates for the project.

  • Deployment and setup of a content management system to manage the website.

  • Content design and layout of information pages.

  • Mobile and tablet compatibility testing.

  • Project deployment, client training and support.

This wasn’t a typical website project. The respect the team brought to the project reflected a sobering reality of what the soldiers had sacrificed.

Project Heroes website home page screenshot

The Project Heroes Result

As the website was being pulled together, reading the stories of each soldier and viewing their portraits and photographs put a real face on what true sacrifice is. As a result, it was important to us that we provide a somber yet intuitive interface that allows visitors to easily search and read all the soldier profiles available.

Revised website released in the fall of 2021.

In the fall of 2021, the Project Heroes website was updated to provide a responsive experience for visitors on all devices and screens. This new website was built to coincide with the gallery of portraits to be opened again to the public through the museum experience. Project Heroes have opted into the eLearnza maintenance plan which will ensure that the content management system and the website themes always remain updated and secure.

You can visit the website by going to

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