The Project

The Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) is the national voice for nursing education, research, and scholarship and represents baccalaureate and graduate nursing programs in Canada.

The CASN mission is to establish and promote national standards of excellence for nursing education along with promoting the advancement of nursing knowledge.

CASN approached eLearnza to build an online toolkit that would provide a fully functional eLearning course that could be provided to Nursing schools and organizations across Canada. The goal was to allow these schools and organizations to provide free access to their staff, students and members in an effort to educate them further about Climate Change and it’s impact on vector-borne disease.


eLearning Modules

6 months

Development Time



“Working with eLearnza to develop this course was a great experience. They took complicated content and data and turned it into an intuitive learning experience for everyone.”

Julia Thomas

CASN – Education Policy Coordinator

CASN - VBD - Screenshot

The Process

The CASN development team included four Nursing Educators who were responsible for researching and writing the contents each of the eLearning modules. In consultation with these educators, eLearnza provided advice and guidance regarding the interactivity options available to them when providing complex content.

eLearnza provided the educators with a template skeleton that they used to format and evaluate their content. Once the content creation was completed, eLearnza built out each module for review and testing.

CASN took the extra step of having an evaluation committee (made up of nursing educators, indigenous leaders and organization members) review each module for accuracy and accessibility. Each module went through multiple iterations to arrive at a final approval.

  • Project consultation with the CASN development team.

  • Deployment and setup of a content management system to manage the website.

  • Course visual design and content layout.

  • Mobile and tablet compatibility testing.

  • Accessibility testing and quality assurance.

  • Deployment of the eLearning course and website, client training and ongoing support.

CASN - VBD - Screenshot


Prior to being engaged to build this eLearning course, our knowledge of vector-borne disease was pretty much non-existent. As is the case with all of our projects, we were excited to not only produce this course but to also educate ourselves.

To complete the project, we did the following:

  • Build an Articulate Rise version of the course
    Once the modules were completed, eLearnza built out a SCORM compliant version of the course in Articulate Rise. Rise provided the ability to layout the course curriculum in easier to digest, smaller chunks and in a linear fashion. This allows students/educators to work their way through the modules in the proper way.

  • Build an accessible website
    The course was made available for download and/or completion through a new website created to support the project. When someone downloads or completes the course information is reported back to CASN for internal use.

    Visit the website at

  • Create a promotional video
    With the courses and website completed, eLearnza worked with the project team to create a promotional video that could be used on social media to promote the website and eLearning modules.

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